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I see you want to know a little more about us. That’s nice, cause we want to know a little more about you too!

We are the Hexagamers. We are a group of six friends, hence the hexa, who love to get together to play all sorts of games.

We have a wide range of personalities, with a lot of similarities and also a lot of differences. We will argue and fight, then team up to form alliances all in the sake of having a good time, AND WINNING of course! This makes for fun nights, lots of laughs, and overall great times.

We play so many games that we found other people asking for our opinion on what we like and what we think would be best for them. This lead us to the decision to start a site and share our thoughts with everyone.

Since there are six different opinions on the games, this will give a wide range of reviews on the games we try out. So, that being said, you can read all the reviews (recommended) or you can choose the Hexagamer that you relate to the most and follow their thoughts on the games they like!

We also want to know your thoughts on the games so we have opened up the comments section. Please add your thoughts and ratings on the games you have tried so that we can have a full community of board game players helping each other out to find the next great game to play!

As mentioned we each write reviews on the games we have played, so if you don’t see a review from your favourite Hexagamer yet, be patient and check back often, cause we will play it soon.

Time to get to know the Hexagamers!


Hey everyone! My name is Charlene.

I am a country girl, and love being active, being outside and doing things with friends and family. As you have probably guessed it, I love boardgames! Particularly ones that are strategy, bluffing, or party based. I love playing a good strategy game where my brain hurts and I have so many different ways I can work towards winning. Gives such a level of satisfaction to it. Plus what I love about strategy games is that the next time I play it, I can try a different strategy and it can change the game drastically. Bluffing games are always fun, calling people out and back stabbing, though I am not particularly good at bluffing. My weakness is when I am overly anxious my hands sweat. A LOT, haha. Party games are great because it gives your mind a break and lots of laughs, I like charade style and anything humorous. Trivia is not my favourite but it greatly depends on the type. Movie, TV show and celebrity trivia, I will rarely get one right (lol) and my friends will blow me out of the water. But if it was biology, human anatomy and animals, I would be all over that. I love to win, sometimes by floating under the radar then coming out on top. I grew up playing the classic boardgames with my family on weekends. Monopoly, Sorry, Pictionary, Clue and Game of Life. We would play card games ALL the time. In the morning before school, on weekends, whenever we saw my grandparents and especially at our family cabin. Our choice in card games were for the most part Cribbage, Golf, 31, Hearts, and Skip-Bo.

In the last few years my love for boardgames grew to a whole new level. To the point that people would comment ‘how many boardgames do you even have?!’ My problem is I play a game with friends, I love it, I must have it. Like the next day lol. Board gaming has become the staple at friend gatherings. Started out small, a game here and there. Now us Hexagamers each have quite the collection of games (some have more then others *cough, cough* myself) and boardgames nights have become the main event of get togethers.


What’s up guys, my name is Tito. I am into sports, I am basically into all sports. Growing up you would always see me outside playing street hockey, rain or shine. As for games, my favourite game growing up would have to be mouse trap or snakes and ladders (Cause they are classics). I am mostly now into party boardgames, that involve acting and trivia. I am colour blind, so some games I find to be quite difficult, but always can find a way to play and succeed. The strategic games I would go as far as settlers of catan, anything else my brain hurts.



As you know my name is Kaitlyn. I am a super excitable person who is fueled by coffee and chocolate. I like to keep busy and have a wide variety of hobbies outside of boardgames some of which include singing, guitar, volleyball, camping, escape rooms and most importantly family and friends.

Growing up we always had decks of cards and stacks of boardgames out camping, one of our favorites being West Edmonton mall monopoly. I took a brief hiatus from the boardgame world until I encountered strategy boardgames and that restarted my obsession.

I really appreciate all types of boardgames from full strategy games to party games but if I had to pick I think my favorite would be co-op games. I like the aspect of playing against the board and seeing how all the other players think. That being said I love warming up with a few rounds of a quick bluffing game, working my brain on my own in the hardcore strategy games, and ending the night with a fun party game!

So I guess you could say invite me to play boardgames and I’ll want to play them all!


A little about me, hey?

Outside of boardgaming, I spend a lot of my time playing sports or doing some sort of physical activity. I enjoy everything from soccer to hockey to hitting the gym. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends, and thus find myself pretty busy every day.

As for board games… I have played them since I was a wee lad, and have always enjoyed them. It sounds cliche, but I find enjoyment in all different types of games. I particularly like the more strategy oriented games since I find it fun to challenge the brain. That being said, I also like games that have a luck factor (like dice rolls) to them because it allows you to not overthink everything since the outcome may be out of your control. Party style games are great too as there is often a higher energy level involved. They all have strengths and reasons why I love them, but if I had to choose a favorite, I would choose something with more planning involved, a little bit of luck, and maybe even some deception!

I am full of energy and try to bring that to the table so everyone has a good time… But, don’t try to be a weasel cause I WILL call you out on it!

I am a competitive person who likes to win, but more than anything, I enjoy the competition and having a good time while playing.





I’ve been playing games since childhood. My grandpa was always giving me puzzles and riddles to solve, and he, my grandma and my auntie “Piggy” fostered my love for all things games — cards, dice, board, gambling, hide and seek, I love it all. I remember being in a cribb tournament against a teacher in sixth grade and winning. So yeah, I started early.

My competitiveness has always been a being in and of itself. I play soccer when I’m not torturing my body and sanity with pregnancy (don’t worry, I love my son and my currently-cooking Monster), I’m addicted to escape rooms (I could not ask for a better crew to take these on with!) and I love ashtanga yoga when I have time. Friends and family are my Most Important Things. If I’m not gallivanting with them, I’m entertaining my son and hanging out with Wes (I managed to convince him to make it legal about four years ago).

I’m super sarcastic and thanks to my famjam, am able to laugh at myself pretty well which is necessary when gaming with the six of us. Like I said, I’m intensely competitive and argumentative, and I want games with clear-cut winners. None of this, “everyone wins!” BS. No. There is a winner and there is a loser. Bluffing games are also fun, but find it hard to keep to a specific strategy because my friends know me so well. I really enjoy the mental challenge of trivia and I love party games. I don’t know if I have a genre that particularly appeals, honestly. I’m game (har har) to try them all, but my two musts are well-written rules and an even playing field. I want everyone to have a good chance at winning. Above all, though, I want to have fun and I want others to have fun. And I want to win.

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