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I love playing board games with my family and friends! If i'm not doing that you can usually find me belting out a song or drinking way too much coffee! Check out my full biography on the about me page!


Coloretto: Review

By Kaitlyn / September 22, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: Coloretto is a fast paced card game all about matching chameleons of the same color to score points. The more chameleons of one color you have the more points they are worth. Be careful not to collect too many different colors or they will start counting against you! CHECK PRICE Number of PlayersTime […]


Forbidden Desert: Review

By Kaitlyn / August 13, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: Deep in the ancient desert is a legendary flying machine that is said to be powered by the sun. You and your team have been sent by helicopter to find and retrieve it. An intense storm picks up just before you land and you are forced to make a crash landing. With your […]


Forbidden Island: Review

By Kaitlyn / August 10, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: You and your fellow explorers are on a do or die mission to discover the the ancient mystical empire of The Archeans. Hidden in the empire are 4 sacred treasures the Crystal of fire, Statue of the land, Oceans chalice, and Earth stone. The treasures are very enticing but beware, the island can […]


Count Your Chickens: Review

By Kaitlyn / August 7, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: Oh no! Mama hens baby chicks have gotten out. Can you work together to help her get them all back to the coop? On your turn you spin the spinner and count the number of squares you move. Collect that number of chicks and put them back in the coop. CHECK PRICE KAITLYN’S […]


Hoot Owl Hoot: Review

By Kaitlyn / August 4, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: Hurry little owls! The sun is coming up and its time to get back to the nest! Work together to help all the owls make it back to the nest before the sun rises. Play your cards right and you can fly over others on your way to your next square. If you’re […]


Love Letter: Review

By Kaitlyn / July 3, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: Love Letter is a game of social deduction for 2-4 players. The story of the game is that Princess Annette is heartbroken after the arrest of her mother for high treason and has locked herself away in the tower. Suitors want to court her to try to make her happy again, but the […]


Agricola: Review

By Kaitlyn / March 14, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: Your two meeples are settled into their wood house on their plot of land but there’s a problem, harvest is coming up and they don’t have any food. Your role is to place your meeples in order to help them to grow crops, raise animals, get jobs and expand their houses. Decide what […]


Pit: Review

By Kaitlyn / March 4, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: It’s time to realize your dream as a stock trader on the floor of the stock market. You know what that means, right? You have to see/trade away what you don’t need and acquire what you do need.  You better be quick, loud, and aggressive if you want to complete your set in […]


Pandemic: Review

By Kaitlyn / March 3, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: In this cooperative game by Z-man Games, you and your fellow co-workers are assigned the task of ridding the world of the deadly diseases that have broken out throughout the planet. You must work together, and use your specialized skills to help cure (and ry to eradicate) the diseases before there are epidemics […]


Ticket to Ride Europe: Review

By Kaitlyn / January 11, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: In this Days of Wonder board game, you are attempting to connect various different cities throughout Europe to complete routes. These routes are completed via different color train sets that you must collect along your journey. The longer the route you complete, the more points it is worth…. But beware, your rival explorers […]