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Rack-O: Review

By Ryan / April 19, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: In this classic card game, originally from Hasbro, you must try to get your rack of cards sorted from lowest to highest. It’s not as easy as rearranging them however you want. You must slowly replace cards in your rack from the random deck or ones your neighbour has discarded. Be the first […]


The Resistance: Avalon: Review

By Ryan / April 6, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: It is a battle of good versus evil to determine who will rule the future society! You must help your side win by either passing or failing the missions you go on. Make sure you choose who you want to go on the mission wisely or you risk helping the other team. Oh, and […]


Dominion: Review

By Ryan / March 8, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: It’s time to build your Dominion!! In this deck building game by Rio Grande Games, you will need to improve your resources (buy coins), improve your kingdom (action cards), and build your empire/dominion (Victory Points) in order to claim victory. Hurry and do it before your frenemies or they will buy the provinces […]


Codenames: Review

By Ryan / March 4, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: You and your fellow spies must make contact with the agents in the field. The only problem is that the spymaster is the only one who knows their secret Codenames and must direct you to them! Time is short, so they can only give you a one word clue and the number of agents […]


Camel Up: Review

By Ryan / February 5, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: Get ready to bet your hard-earned money at the exciting high-stakes camel track! Camels sprint around the track through various legs of the race while you, as the audience, place (or collect) wagers on who is going to win that leg and the overall race. Camels move with the roll of the dice, but […]


Carcassone: Review

By Ryan / January 22, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: This product from Z-man games is a tile flipping game, where the objective is to build out the French countryside. You must match up roads, castles, fields with previously played tiles to help expand the ever growing countryside (the board). You will have to decide where to place your Meeples along the way in […]


CashFlow: Review

By Ryan / January 15, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: In this game from the Rich Dad Group, you are a rat stuck working everyday trying to scrounge up enough cash to invest. You will buy deals (big and small) that will increase your monthly cashflow until your passive income/cashflow from those investments are higher than your expenses. Once this happens you can […]


Coup: Review

By Ryan / January 5, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: This micro-game is set in The Resistance Universe by Indie Games, which means there are secret identities, deceit, and deduction involved. You start with two secret character cards aka influences (of which there are five different ones) that have special abilities, which you will use to kill off your opponents characters. This is […]


Catan: Review

By Ryan / January 2, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: Catan is a game about collecting resources and using those resource to help build you settlements. Do whatever you can to get the necessary resources to help build your roads and make your new cities. Beware of other players trying to block your path and steal your goods as it is a race […]

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