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Bang The Dice Game


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Bang: The Dice Game is a game full of Outlaws, Sheriffs, Deputies, and Indians. You find yourself in the middle of a wild west shoot out. With your secret identity hidden from the rest of the civilization you must either defend the Sheriff, defeat the Indians, or perhaps do both! Dice are the weapon of choice, as they help you determine if you are getting beers (for your health of course), arrows hit you, bullets to 'distribute' as you please, or maybe some dynamite (BANG!) to end your turn.


My Rating:


  • Different objective each round
  • Quick rounds
  • Easy to learn
  • Feels like a western


  • 6 player games are very difficult for Sheriff and Deputy to win
  • If people are not into it, it takes it down a notch

Intro/First Impressions

This game gives the feel of a western. Shoot your enemy and have a beer with your ally but wait! Duck! Your being shot at the Indians! The 16 character cards are all spin offs of western movie characters.

For example: Willy the Kid, Slab the Killer and Calamity Janet. Each character has a individual ability that will help you in the round.

One character might be able to re-roll dynamites on the die while another will be able to not lose a life point to the gatling gun. The dice are good quality and colourful. Each dice has a bulls eye 1, bulls eye 2, beer, dynamite, arrow and gatling gun.

It comes with 6 explanation cards regarding the dice images and their actions. Which I find after playing a few rounds are not needed, but great for beginners. There are bullet tokens that represent your life points (how many bullets you can take before you die) and the arrow tokens that are being shot at you by the Indians (receive an arrow when you roll on arrow on the die).


We have played with 3 players all the way to 8 players. My favourite is to play with 7 or 8 because you really have to try and figure out who is who. With 5 or less I find it can be sometimes too easy to know what players are outlaws, the deputy or the renegade. 6 players is my least favourite.

I find that it is very difficult for the Sheriff and Deputy to win, since they are playing against 4 others (3 Outlaws and 1 Renegade). With that being said, it is still fun but a bit frustrating if you keep getting the Sheriff or Deputy card at the beginning of each new round.  

Can be taught in 5-10 minutes, play a round and then most players have a clear understanding of the game.

Some things in the instructions are left unknown, otherwise they are simple. The instructions are short, not too long. The back of the instructions goes into greater detail of all the character card abilities. Some of the character abilities rules are unclear.


Replayability is high in this game due to lots of extra character cards. With having the roles kept a secret, this game doesn't get old. This round I am the sheriff, the last round I was the outlaw. Your strategy changes and who you work with changes. You have to figure out who is by there actions.

This game really enhances with sound effects. Someone rolls a dynamite people yell ‘boom’! Arrow rolled yell ‘ping’ for an arrow being shot. ‘Pew pew pew’ when you shoot someone.

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