Board Game-Related Gifts (That Aren’t Board Games) — 2017


Thinking Outside the (Board Game) Box

For great board games to give or gifts for Settlers of Catan fans, we've got you covered! If you're hesitant to buy a board game or want a more unique gift, we've put together a great list of ideas for you, whether it's for Christmas, a birthday or any special occasion.

First, the Obvious

If you're pressed for time or want to give the gift of choice, gift cards are always a safe bet. Many cities have board game cafes that offer gift cards, and giftees can use them to spend the day playing games and having a few drinks, or buy their next board game. 

Another idea for the gamer in your life is to challenge their brains with a different puzzle: escape rooms. We're huge escape room nerds and compiled our top 10 Edmonton Escape Room list of Edmonton companies and rooms to try. 

Board Game Accessories & Upgrad​es

  • This Game Haul carrying bag for going back and forth to games nights is awesome.
  • Sleeve protectors for board games with cards are always awesome. These come in especially handy when you play the same game repeatedly, saving the cards from wear and tear (and spills, and sticky hands, and children...)
  • If your giftee likes unique pieces, Meeple Source makes hundreds of custom meeples, tokens, game upgrade sets and even box organizers.  If you want to create your own unique order, you can choose from a huge variety of game pieces. (Side note: if you're in the YEG area, Mission Fun and Games in St. Albert carries different custom-painted and coloured meeples!)

Yokohama token upgrades from Meeple Source.

Pandemic Iberia tokens from Jenefer Ham.

  • If you know someone who loves Betrayal at House on the Hill, chances are you've heard complaints about the clips for character trait trackers. The app is fine, but these clips solve that problem easily while using game components. Your giftee will love and think of you every time they play!

Upgraded character trait clips for Betrayal at House on the Hill.


There is no shortage of board game-themed jewelry for guys and girls alike, including:


Household Accents & Accessories



It's not for lack of trying!

Furniture & DIY

  • This storage table has pull-out shelves you can store and play games on.
  • Ikea furniture has amazing storage solutions that will clean up the games area, or you can build your own shelves.
  • Quilts, blankets and throws that look like board games, or mimic the board setup for you to play on (Clue and Scrabble, for instance) are a wonderful multi-use gift that will be treasured for years.
  • This Rubik's cube coffee table looks awesome and has great storage.

Just For Fun

You Can't Say There Aren't Options!

We tried collecting a variety of gift ideas for your giftee (or yourself) for all budgets and for all occasions! Do you have a favourite gift we missed? Do you make board game-related gifts and want to be on this list? Drop a line or leave a comment! We'd love to hear from you. And, whatever you're celebrating, we hope you find a great gift that highlights or accents this amazing hobby. 

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Mark Rickert - October 21, 2017

Here’s something I backed on Kickstarter. Pretty cool for gamers.

    HexaGamers - October 24, 2017

    Thanks! We love the meeple pillows and it’s always nice to support small businesses.

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