Cards Against Humanity: Review

Cards Against Humanity Review


Our Rating:

This game is most commonly described as the "party game for horrible people". This party game throws all political correctness out the window, then begins digging a pit of indecency in an effort to have you rolling on the floor laughing at the ridiculously absurd answers to common every day questions. This is not a game for the feint at heart or those with a stick up their butt (...wait, maybe it is for those people...). Have a laugh with up to 30 friends with this ridiculous game.

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My Rating:


  • Makes for a good laugh
  • Easy to learn


  • Large amount of "garbage" answers
  • Low replayability
  • Novelty wears off 

Intro/First Impressions

Adult game of humour, definitely R rated. The game play is very simple, one player reads a question or statement, other players answer secretly, the reader then reads everyones answers after shuffling them, and then the reader picks their favourite. The players card that was chosen then receives a point. Object of the game is to receive the most points. Though if you lose this game you probably won’t care because hopefully you got some good laughs out of it instead. This game is extremely easy to teach and the learning curve is almost non-existent. 

Look of the game is very simple, black and white cards and thats it. Definitely wont wow people by looks with this game.


First few times playing this game was a lot of fun with a lot of laughs. Like to the point of crying and stomach hurting a lot! You will learn a lot of dirty phrases or words in this game. Some you many need to google or wish you never found out what they meant. Beware of images! And perhaps clear that browse history after. You will catch yourself thinking who thought of this? Or why did I google this? 

I find there are too many cards that don't match the question/statement cards and too many cards with phrases or words that people just don't know. You will get tired of googling all the cards you don't know. This makes the game frustrating if you get a handful of cards that don't work or you don't know. Unless your are the really dirty minded person in the group and know what all of them mean. For the rest of us, you basically just toss garbage cards and try and get a good laugh by others answers but you know your not going to win. You may find yourself grabbing from a different pile of cards to replenish your hand in the hopes of getting a card that actually may give you a point.

There is a touch of strategy to this game. You will want to chose an answer that you think the reader will think is funny, and thats as far as the strategy goes.


This is definitely not a game where your focus of playing is to win. You play for the adult humour and play it as a starter game. Being a competitive person and someone that prefers a bit more depth, I can only play this game for so long before wanting to play something else.

There are many expansions available but once you have played this game 10-15 times, the fun factor dissipates. Mostly because you will know all of the cards, so the surprise factor is gone.

I prefer Personally Incorrect over Cards Against Humanity but that would be because its Canadian and I like that you involve a person at the table when answering the cards. I also find that there are more “good answers” in Personally Incorrect. Overall this is a party game that is fun to have with the right group and when played once and awhile. I will keep this game in my collection but it is one I grab maybe once or twice a year.

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