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Best Board Games for Adults

By HexaGamers / February 9, 2018

Are you celebrating an occasion? Valentine’s Day? Christmas? A birthday or anniversary? Whatever it is, there’s a board game to make the occasion memorable. Forego the gift of typical roses and chocolates, grab an adult board game, and get a little risque with your partner(s). Or, perhaps you’re looking for a way to make your […]


25 Games Under $25

By HexaGamers / December 7, 2017

Board games make a great gift for all occasions, and we chose 25 great games under $25 to suit every need: white elephant gift exchange, birthday, Christmas, budget-friendly, stocking stuffer, Hanukkah, impulse purchase… We included with each a brief overview of the game to help you decide. We’re confident you’ll find your next purchase on […]


Board Game-Related Gifts (That Aren’t Board Games) — 2017

By HexaGamers / October 16, 2017

More… Thinking Outside the (Board Game) BoxFor great board games to give or gifts for Settlers of Catan fans, we’ve got you covered! If you’re hesitant to buy a board game or want a more unique gift, we’ve put together a great list of ideas for you, whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday or any […]


Best Murder Mystery Party Companies

By HexaGamers / October 16, 2017

Disclaimer: We have labelled this article as the “Best Murder Mystery Parties”, but we haven’t played all of them. What we have done is consolidated all the ones we could find while doing some internet research. As we play more of these over time, we will keep this list updated with reviews, so you can […]


Best Board Games for Christmas Gifts — 2017

By HexaGamers / October 11, 2017

There are thousands of board games available to buy in all genres for all audiences. Games can take hours or minutes, be brain-draining or light and silly, and include every theme imaginable. If you love board games or know someone who loves board games, it is often overwhelming (and overwhelmingly exciting) to figure out what […]


Best Social Deduction Board Games

By HexaGamers / September 13, 2017

In social deduction board games, everyone has a role–often kept secret–and players gather information throughout the game to figure out who’s who. Players or teams are often pitted against each other to achieve a common or individual goal, and this goal helps them win the game. Logic, bluffing, strategy and often some kind of special […]


Best Board Game Podcasts You Should Be Listening To – 2017

By HexaGamers / August 28, 2017

Are you a podcast addict?Do you listen to everything from how to better your life to bio-hacking your body and everything in between?You are in the right place. If that doesn’t sound like you, but you’d still like to listen to educated people talk about board games, you really are a geek.It’s all good. So […]


Edmonton Board Game Cafes

By HexaGamers / August 25, 2017

Board game enthusiasts have capitalized on the hobby’s popularity explosion. One of the results? Board game cafes. Cafes have popped up all across the world, and Edmonton is no exception. The first, Table Top Cafe, opened in 2013, and five others have opened since (including Table Top’s second location). These cafes are an amazing opportunity to […]


Catan Vs Ticket To Ride: Which Game Should You Buy?

By HexaGamers / August 15, 2017

Even if you are new to board games, chances are you have heard of the games (Settlers of) Catan and Ticket to Ride (TTR). If not, no biggie, we’ll enlighten you.Both Ticket to Ride and Catan are great games. In fact, they both made our Best Board Games for Beginners list! The former is a […]


Best Edmonton Escape Rooms and Companies

By HexaGamers / August 8, 2017

The escape room craze only continues to grow with new companies and new rooms appearing every few months. At their core, each concept is the same–solve the puzzles to “escape” the room you’re in. Sometimes escape means finding treasure, sometimes it means outrunning the cops, sometimes it means solving a longstanding mystery. Whatever your aim, […]

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