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Gloom: Review

By Ryan / February 18, 2018

OVERVIEWOur Rating: Gloom takes place in a dark and treacherous world, where disastrous things can happen to you and your family around every turn. In the game you are in control of a eccentric family of misfits, where your goal is a little sad and morbid… you want to have your family suffer from the […]


Dimension: Review

By Ryan / February 14, 2018

OVERVIEWOur Rating: Dimension is a fast-paced, puzzle game. It pits your ability to stack different colored balls to coincide with a randomly drawn set of rules against a quick time clock. This short game will test your ability to think quickly, solve problems, and stay calm under pressure. Play against yourself, or have up to […]


The Gallerist: Review

By Whitney / September 28, 2017

WHITNEY’S REVIEWMy Rating: Likes thumbs-o-up Every action area is important. thumbs-o-up Everything in the game is linked.​ thumbs-o-up Even if it’s not your turn, you may end up getting an additional turn due to being kicked out. thumbs-o-up Lots of player interaction. Dislikes thumbs-o-down The rules are lengthy, wordy and sometimes confusing. thumbs-o-down Influence can […]


Zombie Fluxx: Review

By Charlene / September 26, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: The dead are amongst us! Zombies are everywhere! Grab a shotgun, some zombie repellent, or perhaps make a baseball team consisting only of Zombies. Compete with other members of the living to achieve a goal and survive the Zombies.   CHECK PRICE Number of PlayersTime to PlayAges2-610-40 min8+ CHARLENE’S REVIEWMy Rating: Likes thumbs-o-up […]


Hive: Review

By Charlene / September 25, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: Protect your Queen Bee from the neighbouring other bugs that wish to over power your Queen. The only way to succeed in protecting her is to over power your neighbouring Queen Bee. Which army of bugs will seize victory? Black or white? CHECK PRICE Number of PlayersTime to PlayAges210-30 min8+ Looking for more […]


Coloretto: Review

By Kaitlyn / September 22, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: Coloretto is a fast paced card game all about matching chameleons of the same color to score points. The more chameleons of one color you have the more points they are worth. Be careful not to collect too many different colors or they will start counting against you! CHECK PRICE Number of PlayersTime […]


Lords Of Waterdeep: Review

By Ryan / September 20, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: In this game, you are a powerful Lord that is trying to gain control of a valuable city! You must use your trusty workers to go out an collect valuable resources for you. You will use those resources to complete quests, gaining you points and thus making you a more powerful and amazing […]


Dragon’s Hoard: Review

By Charlene / September 8, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: You are a dragon craving anything valuable. Coins, princes, wishing trees and more. Steal sheep from the farmers field and use them to get your treasure. Its a race to see which dragon can collect the most items and put them in their lairs. Slow down other dragons by sending angry mobs, wizards […]


One Night Ultimate Werewolf: Review

By Whitney / August 22, 2017

WHITNEY’S REVIEWMy Rating: LikesQuick, making it a great filler or travel game (as long as you have the app).SmartPhone app, and a smooth experience using it. Fun card illustrations.Easy to learn and play, and accessible for all ages. DislikesIt’s all guesswork. There’s really no deduction here, just simple BS.If you don’t have the app or something […]


Forbidden Desert: Review

By Kaitlyn / August 13, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: Deep in the ancient desert is a legendary flying machine that is said to be powered by the sun. You and your team have been sent by helicopter to find and retrieve it. An intense storm picks up just before you land and you are forced to make a crash landing. With your […]

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