The Directive: GTFO Escape Room Review

The Directive


(Side note: we completed this room after we compiled our Best Edmonton Escape Rooms list. We'll be refreshing that list soon! In the meantime, make sure you tell GTFO that the Hexagamers sent you!) 

We're huge fans of GTFO and had been waiting excitedly for them to release a new room when they had a fire. When GTFO was back up and running, and The Directive was finally announced, two of our Hexagamers had a baby, so our play was paused again. GTFO recently invited us out to challenge the room, and our long wait was 100% worth it.

In The Directive, you are helping an elite group fight a threat against the world. The mission is secret, but you have only 45 minutes to get in and get out, completing the mission and escaping undetected. 

We knew little about The Directive except that it is GTFO's hardest room and that they recommend six players. We fully agree on both counts. It can be done with less than six, but we don't recommend it. We also don't recommend doing this room as a first or second room. You'll want experience and familiar teammates. There are parts of the room that would be extremely difficult without a partner. Even though we were familiar with a couple of the room concepts, they still presented a challenge for us that required teamwork, solid communication and precision. 

In fact, everything about this room required teamwork, and every one of us was used, useful and involved. There are some really cool puzzles in this room and great use of technology, all of which challenges your brains, your logic and your creativity.  Nothing in The Directive is extra; everything has purpose and connects. These connections are what we love most about GTFO. It's like the room reveals itself little by little as you progress through it, telling you its own story, requiring you to pay attention. We had a lot of fun with this room and left pumped up, knowing we'd earned the win. This room is everything an escape room should be, and one to add to your list.

A huge thanks to GTFO and the amazing staff for inviting us out to take on The Directive!

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