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How to Play Ghost Blitz


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The mysterious pictures taken in the ghost's house have some errors to them. In this fast paced game you must try to figure out which items in the picture have been left out, or are completely correct. This game will test your ability to think quickly as well as your reflexes. Figure it out first and you get a point, get it wrong and your opponent gets it.

Number of Players

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2 - 8

30 min


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Rules Overview

In their simplest form, Ghost Blitz 1 & 2 are games of racing your friends to decipher which item you need to grab (based on playing cards), and then of course, snatching it before them.

The setup and game play are very simple, which we will get into next, but figuring out which item to grab is the tricky part.

We have decided to do both games in one How to Play Ghost Blitz guide because they play very similarly, with #2 having a few extra (optional) rules.


Setup couldn’t be easier. You place all the items (yes, they are different for each game) in the middle of the table or group. You also shuffle all the cards and place them face down in an accessible spot.

Ghost Blitz How to Play

Game Play

To play the game you start by flipping over one of the cards, then simultaneously everyone playing tries to figure out the proper item to grab. Figure it out and grab the right one to get the card/point.

Replace the item in the center, and continue through the whole deck.

How do you know which item to grab in Ghost Blitz?

On the cards in Ghost Blitz, there are images of the physical items that are in front of you. The problem is, there are issues with the pictures. On all of the cards there are pictures of 2 of them items, and each of those items are colored.

There will be 2 options on the cards.

  1. On some of the cards there will be a correct item. As in, one of the items will be the correct color, and another one incorrect.
    • Your goal here is to be the first to grab the correct item.
    • Eg. Red Frog and a blue brush on the card --> You grab the brush.

2. On some of the cards, both of the items will be the wrong color. What is happening here is that 4 out of the 5 items are ‘represented’ in one way, with one item totally missing.

  • - Your goal here is to grab the item that is totally missing.
  • Eg. A white towel and a green brush on the card --> You grab the Grey Tub.

How Do You Win Ghost Blitz?

After you have gone through all the cards, all you have to do is count them up. The person/team with the most cards (aka points) wins the game.

Additional Rules

As mentioned there are additional rules for Ghost Blitz 2. We use these as optional rules (actually we found them to be a bit much…). Here they are, courtesy of Board Game Geek:

  • If the frog appears, you have to call out the item.
  • If the frog or the other item is in its original color, you have to call out the correct item in a foreign language.
  • If the towel appears on a card, the item of the towel's color is the one to grab for.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Ghost Blitz

Can Ghost Blitz 1 & 2 be combined?

Simple answer: Yes! You have to put all the items in the middle, so things get a little confusing. Otherwise, simply shuffle up all the cards together.

Which Ghost Blitz is the better one?

We found the Original Ghost Blitz to be the better one. The coloring on the cards was a little better, and we liked the items better as well. Though personal preference will vary, both are good games.

What age groups are best for Ghost Blitz?

We found this game works with any one from age 7 and up. At that age they can grasp the concept easily. Though some younger people will still get it. We also played this with people 60+ and they still enjoyed it. Just make sure you play with people of similar abilities for fair matches.

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