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Stone Age Board Game Review


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Time to live the life of one of ancient ancestors, trying to survive and prosper in the stone age! You must go out and collect resources so you can build new buildings for your village, and try to achieve a life of higher civilization. You will develop tools, grow your family, and collect artifacts to help you achieve your goals. Don't forget though, you must feed your family along the way! Build the biggest civilization to earn victory points and win the game!

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  • 2 Player Games
  • Unlimited number of strategies 
  • Replayability
  • Hard to tell who is winning till adding up score = intensity remains high


  • Luck component with dice
  • Other players taking too long on their turns
  • If get use to playing with a certain number of players, changing it up is a bit of a learning curve

Intro/First Impressions

Looking at the board you can really get the sense of a caveman theme with all the great artwork. This game looks pretty but takes a bit to learn. There are a lot of different components to Stone Age but is well worth spending the time to learn it.

Each round you have to make sure you have enough food to feed all of your cavemen, put them to work to collect resources so you can build huts or purchase cards, and even put them in the mating hut to get another caveman at the end of that round. What takes the longest to learn is all the different possibilities of how to get points and where to place your cavemen.

Once you have that figured out then it is time to decide what type of point systems you want to focus on. I find in general a player will receive more points at the end of the game if you focus on just a few different ways to get points rather then trying to get a couple of points in each different way. For example: focus on just getting tools, tools marker cards, all your cavemen and shaman cards.


This Meeple placement game is definitely one that needs to be in everyone's collection. The replayability and number of different strategies a person can take is unlimited. There are 8 main areas to place plus you can place on 4 didn't buildings to build or 4 different cards to buy. Place 4 cavemen to get food, and 2 to get wood or 3 to get gold and 3 to get brick and so on. So you can see the number of different possibilities there are.

I do prefer this game with 2 players because I find that with 4 players the game goes by too quickly and you become a lot more limited in what actions you can take due to a limited number of spots available. Though it does all come down to strategy and utilizing your cavemen placement.

This is one of my all time favorite 2 player games because it is very difficult to predict who is in the lead till the game is over and you are totaling points. I find that this element keeps the intensity high and avoids one player feeling like they have no chance. Tito and I have played this game a lot, like a LOT and we always seem to gravitate towards it.

One component of the game that some people may not like is that one main component is rolling dice. If you have a bad game where you cant roll very good, it will slow you down and may cause you to switch up how your playing. Luck can play a big role in winning this game.


BUY THIS GAME! Seriously! If you like strategy, Meeple placement, or 2 player games or just want to try something different, then I highly recommend this game! Take the time on a rainy or snowy day read the directions and play a round or two. After playing well over 30 games, I am not even close to being done with this game. I can see myself playing this game years from now and still loving it just like a classic game of Monopoly, Clue or Sorry.

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