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UNCLE: SideQuests Escape Room Review

By HexaGamers / October 19, 2017

IntroCheck out our best Edmonton escape rooms list! It’s going to need a refresher after this room… When you visit SideQuests, make sure you tell them the Hexagamers sent you!We challenged the UNCLE room hoping to capitalize on SideQuest’s October prison break special (if you win, your next room is free; if you lose, you […]


Board Game-Related Gifts (That Aren’t Board Games) — 2017

By HexaGamers / October 16, 2017

More… Thinking Outside the (Board Game) BoxFor great board games to give or gifts for Settlers of Catan fans, we’ve got you covered! If you’re hesitant to buy a board game or want a more unique gift, we’ve put together a great list of ideas for you, whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday or any […]


Best Murder Mystery Party Companies

By HexaGamers / October 16, 2017

Disclaimer: We have labelled this article as the “Best Murder Mystery Parties”, but we haven’t played all of them. What we have done is consolidated all the ones we could find while doing some internet research. As we play more of these over time, we will keep this list updated with reviews, so you can […]


Best Board Games for Christmas Gifts — 2017

By HexaGamers / October 11, 2017

There are thousands of board games available to buy in all genres for all audiences. Games can take hours or minutes, be brain-draining or light and silly, and include every theme imaginable. If you love board games or know someone who loves board games, it is often overwhelming (and overwhelmingly exciting) to figure out what […]


Carcassonne: Versions & Expansions

By HexaGamers / October 11, 2017

It’s hard to keep track of all the Carcassonne versions. If you’re looking for your next expansion or a different Carcassonne-style challenge, we’ve compiled everything we could find on the standalones and expansion along with a quick brief on each to help you decide. If you’d rather an easy visual, check out the Carcassonne infographic […]


The Gallerist: How to Play — Simplified

By HexaGamers / September 27, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: In The Gallerist, you’ve taken on the roles of of an artist manager, museum curator and art dealer. You’ll buy, display and sell art; promote artists; develop international influence and amass fortune in your quest to become the most successful gallerist. Resources are limited, though, and helping your own goals can help other […]


Settlers of Catan Strategies

By HexaGamers / September 21, 2017

CHECK PRICE Wanting to read our full review? Check out…Ryan’s Review of Settlers of Catan HereIntroThere are many different components, big and small, to Settlers of Catan that can vastly affect your game. These components will be present in every game. Understanding them and executing them effectively is key to succeeding. Once you have them […]


SS Tiberia: SmartyPantz Escape Room Review

By HexaGamers / September 17, 2017

SS TiberiaMy Rating: (If you’re looking for escape room reviews, check out our Best Edmonton Escape Rooms.)SS Tiberia at SmartyPantz is the first virtual reality (VR) escape room in Canada made by local Edmontonians, and a couple of us weren’t overly enthused to try it. “Escape rooms should be hands on,” and blah blah. However, […]


The Directive: GTFO Escape Room Review

By HexaGamers / September 16, 2017

The DirectiveRating: (Side note: we completed this room after we compiled our Best Edmonton Escape Rooms list. We’ll be refreshing that list soon! In the meantime, make sure you tell GTFO that the Hexagamers sent you!) We’re huge fans of GTFO and had been waiting excitedly for them to release a new room when they had […]


Best Social Deduction Board Games

By HexaGamers / September 13, 2017

In social deduction board games, everyone has a role–often kept secret–and players gather information throughout the game to figure out who’s who. Players or teams are often pitted against each other to achieve a common or individual goal, and this goal helps them win the game. Logic, bluffing, strategy and often some kind of special […]

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