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UNCLE: SideQuests Escape Room Review

By HexaGamers / October 19, 2017

IntroCheck out our best Edmonton escape rooms list! It’s going to need a refresher after this room… When you visit SideQuests, make sure you tell them the Hexagamers sent you!We challenged the UNCLE room hoping to capitalize on SideQuest’s October prison break special (if you win, your next room is free; if you lose, you […]


SS Tiberia: SmartyPantz Escape Room Review

By HexaGamers / September 17, 2017

SS TiberiaMy Rating: (If you’re looking for escape room reviews, check out our Best Edmonton Escape Rooms.)SS Tiberia at SmartyPantz is the first virtual reality (VR) escape room in Canada made by local Edmontonians, and a couple of us weren’t overly enthused to try it. “Escape rooms should be hands on,” and blah blah. However, […]


The Directive: GTFO Escape Room Review

By HexaGamers / September 16, 2017

The DirectiveRating: (Side note: we completed this room after we compiled our Best Edmonton Escape Rooms list. We’ll be refreshing that list soon! In the meantime, make sure you tell GTFO that the Hexagamers sent you!) We’re huge fans of GTFO and had been waiting excitedly for them to release a new room when they had […]


Best Edmonton Escape Rooms and Companies

By HexaGamers / August 8, 2017

The escape room craze only continues to grow with new companies and new rooms appearing every few months. At their core, each concept is the same–solve the puzzles to “escape” the room you’re in. Sometimes escape means finding treasure, sometimes it means outrunning the cops, sometimes it means solving a longstanding mystery. Whatever your aim, […]