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Codenames: How To Play – Simplified

By HexaGamers / March 5, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: You are a spy and I need your help. We need to contact all our agents in the field via their special codenames, but I can only give you one word for a clue as your spymaster. We need to hurry before the rival spies contact all their agents before us! Hurry before […]


Coup: How To Play – Simplified

By HexaGamers / February 10, 2017

Game Overview Coup is a fast paced game set in the future by Indie Games. It is a game that can involves lying to, stealing from, taxing, assassinating, oh and of course Coup-ing your fellow gamers among other things. These short 15 min games will have you guessing what your friends are up to and […]


Mammut: How To Play – Simplified

By HexaGamers / February 7, 2017

Game Overview Mammut is a game that brings you back to your roots of a good old fashioned Mammoth hunt. After returning from said hunt, you must distribute all the loot amongst the tribe (other players). You can take as much as you want when it’s your turn to pick, but other tribe members will […]

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