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The Gallerist: Review

By Whitney / September 28, 2017

WHITNEY’S REVIEWMy Rating: Likes thumbs-o-up Every action area is important. thumbs-o-up Everything in the game is linked.​ thumbs-o-up Even if it’s not your turn, you may end up getting an additional turn due to being kicked out. thumbs-o-up Lots of player interaction. Dislikes thumbs-o-down The rules are lengthy, wordy and sometimes confusing. thumbs-o-down Influence can […]


One Night Ultimate Werewolf: Review

By Whitney / August 22, 2017

WHITNEY’S REVIEWMy Rating: LikesQuick, making it a great filler or travel game (as long as you have the app).SmartPhone app, and a smooth experience using it. Fun card illustrations.Easy to learn and play, and accessible for all ages. DislikesIt’s all guesswork. There’s really no deduction here, just simple BS.If you don’t have the app or something […]


Cash ‘n Guns: Review

By Whitney / August 7, 2017

WHITNEY’S REVIEWMy Rating: LikesFun and unique concept.Consistently strong theme and realistic game play and pace for the situation. Not all loot is money, which throws in a bit of a strategy wrench.Cute illustrations.Expansion and character strengths are available when you’re ready! DislikesIt seems very easy for one player to get knocked out.Ummm…Well, I’m not a gun […]


Sheriff of Nottingham: Review

By Whitney / April 12, 2017

WHITNEY’S REVIEWMy Rating: LikesYou can bribe and interfere with other players’ games, even when it’s not your turn.Sneakiness, bluffing, bribing and competing abounds. While everyone is trying to win, there are multiple ways to do so, and you never really know who wins until the game is over. DislikesIt maxes out at five players–though I think […]


Splendor: Review

By Whitney / March 24, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: You are a merchant in the Renaissance, and you must try to increase your prestige by buying all sorts of items via tokens and card development. This includes means of transportation, gem mines and shops. Increase your wealth enough and the noble may come to visit you, further increasing your prestige and power to win […]


Flash Point – Fire Rescue: Review

By Whitney / February 23, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: Want to fight fires and be a hero, but are too afraid of fires and dealing with all that gross smoke? Then Flash Point – Fire Rescue by Indie Games has got you covered! In this cooperative board game you and your fellow fire fighters (other players) are trying to rescue victims from a […]


Exploding Kittens: Review

By Whitney / February 13, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: Feel like playing some Russian Roulette, but don’t actually feel like dying? Exploding Kittens is the game for you. You and your opponents take turns drawing cards from the deck until someone pulls the ‘exploding kitten’ card! There are a few twists along the way though… peeking at the deck, shuffling cards, or […]


Mammut: Review

By Whitney / January 9, 2017

OVERVIEWOur Rating: You just got back from another successful Mammoth hunt! The only problem is, you have to divide up all the sweet loot you gathered on the hunt. Take what you think you need and some of what you want, and pass the remains onto the next person. Don’t get too greedy, though, or […]