Murder Mystery Party: Review (No Spoilers)

Murder Mystery Party - MyMysteryParty Review

RYAN’S REVIEWMy Rating: Likes thumbs-o-up Well organized game packet. thumbs-o-up Great interaction among guests. thumbs-o-up Good characters and theme for the night. thumbs-o-up Good flow to the night. thumbs-o-up Option to include more guests. Dislikes thumbs-o-down Some storylines unused. thumbs-o-down Host knows which characters are extra if they set it up themselves. thumbs-o-down Little tricky […]

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Best Board Games for Christmas Gifts — 2017

There are thousands of board games available to buy in all genres for all audiences. Games can take hours or minutes, be brain-draining or light and silly, and include every theme imaginable. If you love board games or know someone who loves board games, it is often overwhelming (and overwhelmingly exciting) to figure out what […]

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Carcassonne: Versions & Expansions

It’s hard to keep track of all the Carcassonne versions. If you’re looking for your next expansion or a different Carcassonne-style challenge, we’ve compiled everything we could find on the standalones and expansion along with a quick brief on each to help you decide. If you’d rather an easy visual, check out the Carcassonne infographic […]

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